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Thoresby gives me the opportunity to have a great education. The topics are great!

Children's comments

We are lucky to have Kaleidoscope every year! We learn so much and everyone comes together for a celebration.

Children's comments

My daughter started Mrs Mansell’s class in September and she has flourished. Not only in an academic sense but in terms of her social skills and her open-mindedness to others – it’s been a fantastic experience for her!

Parents evening feedback

Our son is absolutely thriving at Thoresby. He has really got on well with his teachers and enjoyed lessons. If asked he would say the dinners are best but his progress speaks for itself. Thank you.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby helps us to learn that we are all unique and special in our own way.

Children's comments

Thoresby is an amazing school and the best aspect of the school are the brilliant selfless teachers who put the children at the forefront of everything.

Parents evening feedback

I feel the school is a blessing for parents who have the opportunity to send their kids here as they provide the best education and pastoral care possible.

Parents evening feedback

I would like to say that both our children – daughter in year 4 and son in year 6, enjoy attending their lessons and their topics they are being taught.

Parents evening feedback

The support from the teaching staff is very good and the pastoral care of our children, especially when needed for our son. Overall very positive.

Parents evening feedback

I am proud to be part of the Thoresby community.

Children's comments

Our daughter started Thoresby in September 2018 – she has grown in confidence and the support from her teachers is constant. We are very happy with everything the school offers and provides.

Parents evening feedback

My daughter has been coming here since nursery and has always loved the school, she is doing really well in all her subjects and I couldn’t be happier with her progress.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby is a special place.

Children's comments

My son and daughter are both very happy at Thoresby. The staff are approachable and helpful and the children are offered a good variety of different opportunities.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby is a brilliant school and my kids love coming here.

Parents evening feedback

Everybody is welcome at Thoresby.

Children's comments

My children are very happy at school.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby management team ensure that the school is inclusive and forward thinking. I have always been impressed by the way this school is run and continue to be – especially their dedication to child protection and wellbeing programmes.

Parents evening feedback

Our son has been coming here for 8 years. He will be doing his SATs soon. He loves coming here and loves the food. He has so many friends and loves all his classes too. He gets on well with everybody and all his teachers have been brilliant with him. Thoresby is a good school.

Parents evening feedback

We are very happy with Thoresby, lovely staff and teachers.

Parents evening feedback

All three of my children have been taught at Thoresby with my youngest leaving this year. I have fond memories of Thoresby over the years and found staff helpful and very supportive.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby has been brilliant for my boys, really supportive and encouraging.

Parents evening feedback

We love Thoresby. Both of our girls go there and have had a fantastic time. It is very supportive and nurturing.

Parents evening feedback

The outside area is so much fun!

Children's comments

My daughter is very happy at the school. Communication is okay too but a bit last minute. The clubs are great and the breakfast club provision is excellent!

Parents evening feedback

My daughter is making great progress at Thoresby. Overall I am very pleased with every aspect.

Parents evening feedback

My daughter enjoys all aspects of school life, she involves herself in many activities and represents the school in various team sports. We are pleased with all her progress.

Parents evening feedback

I think Thoresby is an amazing school. The teachers are approachable and my son loves school.

Parents evening feedback

Thoresby gives us opportunities to spend time with the coaches and develop our sports skills.

Children's comments

This school offers varied education in an environment with so many children from so many parts of the world, and do it very well you see happy smiling children every day! Hats off to this school!

Parents evening feedback